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Dedicated Fence Contractors for Residential and Commercial Properties

By investing in a new fence, both commercial and residential owners can enhance their property’s appearance, security, and privacy while making more effective use of their land. A fence can improve a company’s workstation, provide the ideal backyard for pets, designate a secure area for your children to play, and set boundaries for wildlife to stay out of.

With more than 40 years of expertise, Fencing Unlimited is a family-run company that is the best option for dependable fence installations and repairs in Mechanicsville. In contrast to other fence contractors, we guarantee the quality of our work, never subcontract, and offer warranties on our projects.

For fence installation services that encompass a variety of fence styles, including ones that are customized to your particular property, contact Fencing Unlimited to work with trustworthy fence installers.

Choosing the Ideal Fence Style for Your Property in Mechanicsville, Virginia

No two properties are the same, therefore, no two fence installation projects are the same either. During a consultation with Fencing Unlimited, you can review all of our fence options to best decide what fits your property’s unique needs. 

Whether you want a low-maintenance aluminum fence or a charming picket fence, our fence experts have many options and can help you choose the best fence type for your property.

Fencing Unlimited’s competitive pricing covers a range of fence styles, including:

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum is a sleek and contemporary fence type that is popular with business complexes, apartment buildings, swimming pools, and residential properties alike. It provides more chances for adding gates that boost security without compromising accessibility. Ultimately, an aluminum fence does a fantastic job of guarding your Mechanicsville property.

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Chain Link Fencing

Because of their durability and versatility, chain link fences are a popular choice for both residential and commercial clients. Chain link fences can vary in height options, so homeowners can have a lower height for their yards while commercial businesses have a taller fence for their properties.

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Farm Fencing

Many farms would not survive without a sturdy fence. Setting your property lines, keeping livestock in check, and protecting crops from invading wildlife all depend on your farm’s fence installation. Fencing Unlimited provides a variety of farm-focused fence styles to suit your farm’s unique requirements.

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Picket Fences

Are you looking for a long-lasting fence that also looks great? With their custom potential, picket fences can elevate your property while offering peace of mind with their durability. Choose a long-lasting, low-maintenance vinyl picket fence or opt for a classic, beautiful wooden fence. Both are great options for your home or business property.

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Privacy Fencing

Is privacy and protecting your property your main motivation for installing a fence? A privacy fence is an excellent option to keep your business or yard out-of-sight from strangers. At Fencing Unlimited, our fencing experts guide you in choosing a fence that will enhance the calmness and security of your area.

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Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fences are currently very popular fences in Mechanicsville because of how customizable they are. When it comes to the design, size, and even color of your vinyl fence, you have an abundance of options. Try a vinyl privacy fence in the highly desired white color, or try a tan that mimics wood. Check out our vinyl options for a fence that meets your needs and complies with many HOA regulations.

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Wood Fencing

Wooden fences are timeless, exquisite, incredibly adaptable, and can truly exceed your expectations. They’re excellent for enhancing the aesthetics of your lawn or enhancing business security. As a leading Mechanicsville fence installer, Fencing Unlimited offers a variety of wood fence styles and fencing options for you.

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Our Reviews

Mark CreanMark Crean
12:49 17 Jun 22
I had Fencing Unlimited repair a section of fence with 6 X 6 treated lumber French gothic posts. The estimator explained someone would need to call back later to arrange scheduling because they had a backlog of jobs. About a month later, I received a call arranging a date for the first crew to set the posts. A couple of days later a crew arrived unannounced to finish. The job was very well done and I learned a lot by watching them construct the fence. I happened to be home most of the time, so the unannounced arrival didn't bother me. If your schedule is more structured, be sure to stress that you need to be called ahead of time.
Brandon MccormackBrandon Mccormack
14:18 01 Oct 21
I’m very impressed with Fencing Unlimited. I contacted them after I spotted their sign on a neighbor’s immaculate new fence. My fence is laser straight and the gates work with clock like precision. I remember the estimator telling my they had been in business for 40 years, and that experience shows in their work. Communication was efficient through phone calls and email. There’s nothing they could have done better.
Jen CampbellJen Campbell
20:14 13 Mar 21
My fence by Fencing Unlimited looks amazing.The installers will call you several times, before they get started, to ensure the accuracy of the order and instructions to the customer's satisfaction. Initially, I was annoyed by the number of calls but I quicky realized that their goal is to do the work correctly, the first time.
Addie HerschlerAddie Herschler
23:36 10 Jun 18
We got four estimates from different contractorsand chose based on quote. We had a simple dog eared privacy fence installed along the back portion of our back yard a couple of weeks ago. I was a tad apprehensive because I didn’t have a personal recommendation and I’ve seen a lot of bad fences but I was super impressed!! Upon acceptance of the quote, we were scheduled a couple weeks out. The workers arrived on time, the work was completed quickly and professionally! Our fence is solid and perfectly straight. I can’t get over how great it looks and how much it’s changed the feel of our back yard. Great investment! I definitely recommend!!!

How Our Fence Installers Make Your Dream Fence a Reality

Installing a fence is a complex undertaking. Opting for a do-it-yourself approach or hiring subpar contractors could lead to financial setbacks and an unsightly addition to your property. You deserve a fence that is not only beautiful but also durable for the long term.

Whether you have a large commercial property or a smaller, private backyard, you should hire a fencing contractor who has:

  • Reliable scheduling
  • Full-time employees with significant experience
  • Your best interest in mind
  • Licensing and insurance
  • Labor warranties
  • Materials with manufacturer warranties
  • Excellent customer service
  • Clear project start dates
  • Versatile fencing options
  • A track record of great installations
  • A knack for repairs
  • Creativity for custom projects

Fencing Unlimited has been helping Mechanicsville families and businesses install fences for over 40 years. Give us a call or complete our form if you’re searching for a fence company that always puts clients first while installing beautiful and durable fences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes! After giving us a call, we’ll schedule an appointment to discuss your project at no additional fee.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are a Class A Contractor, and we are fully insured. Our contractors license is listed on our estimate forms and letterhead.

Do you offer financing for your fences?

No, we do not currently offer financing. We require a deposit to get on our installation schedule and require the balance at time of completion of fence.

Do you use subcontractors?

No, all our people are employees of Fencing Unlimited Inc. We do not subcontract our work out for any reason. 

Do I need to be there for the installation?

Most of the time you don’t need to be there, but be available by phone in case installers run into a problem and need to discuss a change or problem with you. If you have a very detailed layout then we recommend you be there when we arrive to set the posts. We don’t necessarily need you to be there during the second trip when we finish.

What happens during an appointment?

Our estimator will visit your property at a time that is convenient for you and will work with you to determine the best fence for your property, location of fence, type of fence, height of fence and style of fence.

If you can provide a copy of the survey when the estimator arrives that is very beneficial to indicate where your property lines are located. Visting the property provides the best method for determining your needs and providing an accurate estimate for your project.

How long does it take to build a fence?

It depends on the type of fence you are installing, and the many factors play into that. We typically schedule the work as soon as we can. Fencing Unlimited is one of the few fence companies that does a wet-pour concrete which requires that we set the posts and allow the concrete to set up and cure and then we return to finish the fence. We will give you a start date so you know when we are coming to start the process and then we return 2-5 days later to finish.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 1 year warranty on installation. The lumber that we use has a limited warranty against rot, decay and termites. Split rail is not warranted. Warping, splitting, checking of wood fences is not covered and is a natural drying process of wood.

Do you do surveys?

No, we do not survey properties. The homeowner needs to know where their property lines are located to avoid errors in the placement of your fence. We will build the fence wherever homeowner says they want it but if it is on a neighbors property, the homeowner is responsible for the cost of moving the fence.

What about my sprinkler or private utility lines?

The homeowner is responsible for sprinkler lines and private utility lines. It’s the homeowner’s responsibility to locate the underground lines and move them if the fence is going to compete for that same space.

Low voltage wires are not public utilities and won’t be located when calling Miss Utility. The sprinkler lines are basically undetectable underground, and we are not responsible for cutting those lines. It is up to the homeowner to have them repaired. We try not to hit them, and we can see the sprinkler heads but the lines underground are difficult to detect.

The fence posts and the sprinkler lines often compete for the same property line space to get the best coverage for both watering and the fence line.


Add Privacy and Value to Your Home with a New Fence

Fencing Unlimited Inc. installs beautiful, lasting fences that keep your family safe and secure. Get your free estimate today!

Call 804-730-7166 or fill out our online form. We can’t wait to give you a custom-designed fence that matches your style, budget and family’s needs.